Author: Ben Housden

Ben lives in London but often writes Teufel abroad. Here's the blurb from the back pages of the book.

Ben Housden was born to teenage parents in the throws of revolution in the white-hot electric-cool of rural Shropshire, England. Turning one, he was the youngest resident of the University of Essex and part-time watchman of a café in a caravan. Aged three was hippie communes, marauding north London. He moved to Yorkshire at four – to bring on the revolution. Great adventures followed as an agitprop theatre roadie, budding entrepreneur and bus-fare dodger. Aged eight, he moved to a stately home, unfortunately to an asbestos hut around the back and a job glass-collecting in the student bar. A village of humungous pies came and went. A city next. Sheffield Steel. A failing education was ignored (Jackie Collins’ for your English Literature book project anyone?), university failed. Record company, nightclub, investment banking (not as a banker), broken, light, copywriting, a good friend Jennifer Jessup said: ‘I’ve got this story… a cat at the Tower of London.’