Print layout: Robyn Lawrence

Robyn Lawrence is a graduate in Print from the Royal College of Art in London, one of the world's leading art schools. Robyn originated the text layout seen in the print book and the chapter ornamentations used in the print and ebook - both in collaboration with Ben Housden.

The custom print layout is across the entire text and enhances the reader experience making reading feel more immersive. It's been likened to watching a play. The brain takes about 30 seconds to get used to the experience, as characters occupy different parts of the page. 

A sample page is shown below:

Image of a double page spread from Ben Housden's Thunderpaws and the Tower of London showing Robyn Lawrence's unique print layout

Each chapter ornamentation relates to an element within the chapter:Montage of Robyn Lawrence's chapter ornamentations from Ben Housden's Thunderpaws and the Tower of London

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This is a wonderful read for anyone aged 9 to 90. Think Harry Potter meets Horrible Histories… I’m in my 50’s and enjoyed it immensely. I fell in love with Thunderpaws and can’t wait for his next adventures. The cat mannerisms are hilarious and very true to life. The book is a piece of art and beautiful to hold and read from and the illustrations are wonderful. I’m not going to give much away as you need to read this alone or with a child and become lost in its magic xxx

Rachel, Goodreads