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Text: a big 8 hour wallop of full colour endorphins (you too, dog lovers)




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There is no such thing as
'just a cat'
– Robert A. Heinlein


‘I cannot recommend it enough,
achieves something really special.’

– Becks, Wiltshire

‘A truly delightful read.
Fun, experimental and glorious.’

– Emma, Neath

‘Kept me reading all day
and I read it in a day.’

– Katie H, UK

‘Thunderpaws is the best
cat book I've ever read.’

– Jackson, Tokyo

Join the adults and kids falling in love with Thunderpaws – the cat superhero forged at the Tower of London

A feisty young feline
battling warring royal ghosts,
tricky ravens and a mind-boggling disco-tailed mouse with a message

Experience why Amazon US quickly recommended it to readers of Harry Potter, Thursday Murder Club, Discworld, Doctor Who and Hamnet:

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Adam's work in the studio was amazing and everyone says Thunderpaws is at its best read in print while listening to the audiobook. You get the story plus all the art of Robyn, MonoKubo and Adam working together. The audio is also available on Audible and other subscription services if you prefer.

Wherever you are in the world, if your head is going I'm a dog person, don't worry, dog lovers love TP too!

The cast

A picture of the Tower of London bathed in yellow sunlight taken from across the River Thames. In front in a line looking forward are the main ghost and animal cast of Thunderpaws

Cast (left to right):

Lady Jane Grey
Sir Walter Raleigh

Bishop Bonner
Queen Anne Boleyn
Guy Fawkes
King Richard III

Colour art

25 pages by Japan's famous MonoKubo (もの久保)

Print layout

with Robyn Lawrence - Royal College of Art graduate

A picture of the open print book showing the start of chapter 13. A pair of raven claws act as the chapter motif on the left page - beneath is the unique text style of the book with Teufel on the left side of the page and his opponents on the right. On the page opposite is a full size picture of Sir Walter Raleigh stood at a table bathed in sunlight from an ornate six panel stained glass window inside Wakefield Tower. On the table is a large book and Thunderpaws
A picture of the open print book showing the start of chapter 28. A flashing blue light is the chapter motif. Again, the text below and opposite illustrates the book's custom text formatting on each page


with star actor Adam Gillen


Ben Housden

Ben lives in London and has been owned by cats (and dogs) across multiple continents for years. He's currently writing the sequel: Thunderpaws and the King.

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More reader reviews

‘Smart, funny and incredibly cat-like…
really made me laugh out loud.’

– Erin, Devon

‘Tremendously unusual, eccentric,
weird and wonderful.’

– John D, UK

‘Exciting and thrilling, charming
and heart-warming. I loved it!’

– Maddy, Merseyside

‘Enjoyed it immensely
because it was unpredictable.’

– Sharon, Rutland

Plus an
exclusive collaboration

A giant white/grey cat reaches out from inside the Tower of London wanting the gate open
A giant ginger cat takes a nap on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace as the Household Cavalry and Queens Guard pass
A giant tabby fold cat pops up under Tower Bridge by the Tower of London on the River Thames
A giant smoke grey persian is hiding inside a phone-box by Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
A giant calico cat stops a taxi with its paw near Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery in the background
A giant tortie cat does what cats do in Trafalgar Square - reaching for a scratch where it shouldn't - in this case against Nelson's column
A giant black cat hides in a tube tunnel at Clapham Common station as a tube comes in on the opposite platform
A giant tuxedo cat watches the lights on a rainy London night in Piccadilly Circus from under a Union Jack umbrella

How will you
experience Thunderpaws?