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There’s a great offer for a free art gift here, (it's also at the bottom of this blog)

A colour-illustrated book from a self-published author’s website – even with all the great reviews, might feel like a risk. You can’t feel the quality, touch the pages – get that sense of the book that you would in a bookshop or gift shop. It’s also more expensive than say, a colour Harry Potter, because I can’t match the print volume of a big publisher to get down to their price point (yet). 


I do know from the hundreds of people who’ve already bought it that they love:

– the quality
– the art
– the paper
– the book! in full

All of us, Ben, Robyn, MonoKubo, Teufel and Adam (and all the background people) have worked hard to produce the best story we could.

Hands up. I think it’s a great gift.

It’s suitable for lots of different people
It’s original
It’s at a price that’s hopefully accessible
You get a lots of people’s hard work
It’s a first edition (if you are quick)

It’s for everyone –
– surprises keep coming
– it’s genuinely for all ages, 9-90
– It’s just the beginning, Thunderpaws and the King follows in 2023.

If your loved ones love cats, London, adventure stories, British humour, books with Harry Potter or Horrible Histories vibes, the Tower, historical figures, ghosts, or are just proper book worms, it’s going to bring a smile and curiosity, and much much more when they delve in.

And this is where you can help other readers…

Books are really important to me. I love them. I love bookshops too. But, getting Thunderpaws into them as a self-published colour-print author is a challenge.

It’s no-one fault.
Just in the UK, just in 2018
188,000 new titles were launched.
There are 46 million choices of book.
You would need a gigantic shop just to hold the new releases.

A book shop might stock 11,000 titles.  

They need to curate very carefully.
Thunderpaws hits lots of sweet spots

Here's the link to the free art gift, when they are gone they are gone (link to offer)





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This is a wonderful read for anyone aged 9 to 90. Think Harry Potter meets Horrible Histories… I’m in my 50’s and enjoyed it immensely. I fell in love with Thunderpaws and can’t wait for his next adventures. The cat mannerisms are hilarious and very true to life. The book is a piece of art and beautiful to hold and read from and the illustrations are wonderful. I’m not going to give much away as you need to read this alone or with a child and become lost in its magic xxx

Rachel, Goodreads