How it started

There are two version of this story. Mine and Teufel’s.

Teufel will tell you I’m just the typist. Teufel will say he’s telling you his story and you’ve only just met Book 1, so enough already, and ease up. Teufel wins. Because Teufel is the boss.

My story of the start will come later. After I’ve finished typing up Teufel’s stories of what happens in Books 2 and 3.

My story involves New York, a dear friend, a website, saying hello again, having the start of a story to play with, to learn from and explore. Keeping going. Believing in what you see and what you know. Being a channel for the words once you realise that’s what you are (I am just the typist), and a magic ticket the Chaplain gave me that let me go almost anywhere at the Tower.

Teuf: Typist, dude, typists type! Shut the food hole and hit the keys!

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This is a wonderful read for anyone aged 9 to 90. Think Harry Potter meets Horrible Histories… I’m in my 50’s and enjoyed it immensely. I fell in love with Thunderpaws and can’t wait for his next adventures. The cat mannerisms are hilarious and very true to life. The book is a piece of art and beautiful to hold and read from and the illustrations are wonderful. I’m not going to give much away as you need to read this alone or with a child and become lost in its magic xxx

Rachel, Goodreads