Where to buy

The best place is here at thunderpaws.com.

You help a small team (Teuf and I) get the best share of our work – which means we can get on with the next instalment in the Nature’s Claw series Thunderpaws and the King, ever quicker. Teufel telling me what happened and me typing it up. For international buyers, I’ve made the print book postage costs as cheap as I possibly can globally.

You can of course, also order the print version from Amazon UK and Amazon US and as a special order through UK independent bookshops.

The ebook and audiobook are widely available globally through standard distribution channels including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, libraries, etc.

But there’s another way…

And you can help, if you’re in the UK.

I want Thunderpaws to be available in as many places as possible, as quickly as possible.

Currently, UK independent bookshops order through Gardners – one of the world’s biggest English-language book distributors – as a special order, as can any bookshop in the world. 

But, there’s a catch. It’s so slow. For readers, bookshops and me.

This is how it works.

  • A UK customer orders through a UK bookshop
  • The bookshop tells Gardners
  • Next day, Gardners tells me
  • I post the book to Gardners asap. (First class is over £5 p&p)
  • On arrival, Gardners process it then send it on to the bookshop.
  • The bookshop tells the customer it’s arrived or sends it.

Extra time.
Extra travel.
Extra costs.
Extra effort.
Unnecessary process.

There’s an opportunity to help that’s a win-win-win-win. For you, me, other UK readers and readers around the world.

Once Gardners has had 50 orders… they should stock Thunderpaws!

And when they stock Thunderpaws, it works like this…

  • Shop orders. Gardners sends. Done.

And once Gardners hold stock – chains like Waterstones will make it available for order. And once Gardners hold stock – Book Depository will also stock it, which makes it available to anyone in the world with free shipping. And once Gardners hold stock – any bookshop in the world can get it quicker too.

It all starts with those 50 first bookshop orders.


For the first 50 UK people to order through their local independent bookshop as a special order, I will send a FREE mounted Thunderpaws or Big Cats London 14”x11” print that would normally be £13.99.

They look like this, they come sealed (hence the reflection) and there 4 of each design.

 Wrapped artwork Power - Thunderpaws and the Tower of London

How it works:

  1. Order the book from your local bookshop
  2. Decide on your favourite images (or check the shop here)
  3. Send me a picture of the book with the receipt to first50@thunderpaws.com
  4. Include your image preferences in order (you can see them all here).
  5. Include your name and address.

I will send you a print!*

*Prints are on a first-come, first-served basis.
There are only 4 of each image.
When they are gone, they are gone.
(Midnight is not included because its an unusual shape).

And you – the first 50 – will have helped me, other future UK readers, future readers around the world – and received a free print worth almost as much as the book as a thank you.

The offer won’t be around forever, so get to your favourite bookshop, give them a call, or get online as soon as you can.

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This is a wonderful read for anyone aged 9 to 90. Think Harry Potter meets Horrible Histories… I’m in my 50’s and enjoyed it immensely. I fell in love with Thunderpaws and can’t wait for his next adventures. The cat mannerisms are hilarious and very true to life. The book is a piece of art and beautiful to hold and read from and the illustrations are wonderful. I’m not going to give much away as you need to read this alone or with a child and become lost in its magic xxx

Rachel, Goodreads