"a rip roaring adventure"

Teufel AKA Thunderpaws, so named as he is actually not very good at catching birds, wakes up as the new Tower Of London Cat, instead of in sleepy Devon. He soon discovers that there are ghosts with plans, ravens who don’t like him much and a governor who would rather he wasn’t there. And so begins a rip roaring adventure to save the Tower, London and the country. Thereby fulfilling his destiny as told to him by a disco tailed mouse! He really wants to save his friends and not be a loud paw any longer.

This is a rollicking tale from within the Tower of London, madcap with plenty of mayhem and will keep readers from 9-99 entertained. I love the cat speak dictionary at the beginning and the illustrations are fabulous. You also learn so much about the history of the Tower, its so engaging but just fun at the same time. It’s so fab to be inside the head of a cat, he has so much sass and it really made me laugh. I will let go the fact that he doesn’t like vets much…just about!

His adventures at the Tower involve a court of ghosts and everyone from Anne Boleyn to Water Raleigh, Richard III, Guy Fawkes and The Princes in the Tower. I especially liked Lady Jane Grey who just wants to go to a rave wearing a hoodie!
He has to walk a line between helping the Tudor Court destroy the internet (Anne’s idea) and helping Richard plan to rid the Tower of its ravens. He is fantastically bad, a bit typecast perhaps but loads of fun!

It has a unique print layout where the words follow the action, falling or turning on the page to mimic the actions of the characters, it’s a fantastic way to read and will really add to the reading experience especially for younger readers.

Discovering that he is up to his neck in problematic ghosts who basically want him dead if he doesn’t do as they say, it picks up speed with the assistance of some ghost cats and a giant rat called Elvis. There are crosses and double crosses and a disco mouse - told you it was bonkers!

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