Wallpaper Mural - PALACE

£149.99 £199.99
Wallpaper murals - art can cover wall spaces up to 4m x 2.8m (13' 1" x 9' 2").

Pictures are to give an idea, actual sizes of prints will vary. For home or public spaces.

Two finish choices:
  • FabriTac self-adhesive wall fabric - easy for anyone to put up, reposition and remove
  • Premium durable - type II compliant for scrubability, stain resistance, abrasion etc

  • Size choices:
    As wall sizes vary, pricing is via Small, Medium and Large:

  • Small - walls under 2m wide (6' 6")
  • Medium - walls under 2-3m wide (6' 7" - 9' 8")
  • Large - walls to 3m-4m (9' 8" - 13' 1")
  • The maximum drop is 2.8m (9‚Äô 2‚Äù)
  • Images will be cropped to best suit your wall space
  • A skilled team will help you get the best results

  • Accurate sizing
    After purchase you will be sent a website link to input your exact wall measurements – full technical support is available

    Easy installation
    Preparation - Make sure that the bare wall is sound, clean and dry. Remove all loose paint, plaster or old paper and fill all holes and cracks with filler, smoothing down the surface when it is set.

    "Size" The Wall - Prior to wallpapering it's a good idea to "size" the wall as this seals porous surfaces to prevent the paste from drying too fast and it also aids slip and slide when papering. Beeline Primer Sealer is a highly recommended wallpaper "size" product as it does all of the above and also helps reduce seam splits, raised edges and bubbling of wallpaper.

    Start Line - Few walls are truly square or perfectly vertical. To overcome this, use a plumb line or spirit level and draw a vertical pencil line from ceiling to floor at a set distance from the left hand edge of your wall.

    This start line measurement will be shown in the printed installation instructions that come with your custom printed wallpaper order.

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